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This candle makes me so happy. Honestly, if i could burn one candle for my life this might just be it.
Customer Since 1997
Thanks, Chloe
I have been burning simpure for over 10 years and i have gotten to the point where i find it hard to burn anything else.
~ Zoey D
My love for Celebration runs deep.
~ Katherine D’Angelo

I have to travel with simpure in my bag and its the one thing i must not leave at home.
~ Lisa Dispensiaro

Each time I give Simpure as a gift the next question I get is where can i buy these candles.
~ Sherry Robertson
soy wax candles

The Candle

Simpure candles are created with the world's most fragrant essential oils imported from countryside villages as far away as France, India and Brazil. Pure and natural makes Simpure candles a truly extraordinary experience.

Why Simpure Candles?

I make one candle at a time and only one candle for each season inspired by what essential oils are freshly distilled in small batches.

I preserve tradition that keeps you coming back time and time again because there is nothing like it.

I make a better candle available -- made without stabilizers and synthetic fragrances -- at a fair price.

pure essential oil candles

  • All-natural vegetable plant wax
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Free of paraffin and petroleum
  • Free of unnecessary dyes or colorants
  • Burns pure and clean
  • All-cotton, no lead wicks
  • No animal testing
  • Eco-conscious recyclable packaging
  • Made in the USA




soy wax candles

Simpure candles are made from a proprietary blend of soy vegetable wax that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Clean burning for approximately 30-40 hours, Simpure candles are paraffin free, dye and coloring agent free, have a natural cotton wick, are lead free and zinc free. My wax has faster scent dispersion and a more stable, cooler burn. Before lighting a candle, straighten out and trim the natural cotton wick to ¼”, if needed, to prevent excess smoking. Never burn a candle for more than four hours at a time. Stop burning the candle when ¼” of wax is left at the end. For indoor use only.

Plant Waxes

Especially in warm climates, plants secrete waxes as a way to control evaporation and hydration. There are a variety of vegetable plant waxes that can be used such as Carnuba, (from palm leaves) soy (made from de-hulled soybeans, palm (made from the palm plant). I use a proprietary blend of vegetable waxes to achieve superior clean burning candles suited to the delicate essential oils.

Essential Oil

natural candle

How was the trip? My Essential Oil takes a trip:

Latitude 40° 32' 60 N Longitude 14° 13' 60 E

From a sunny farmer’s field in Capri Italy or Sanguinelli Citrus sinensis Costa d'Amalfi I.G.P. is where one of many of the oils I use is grown. The orange essential oil (Citrus uranium) is cold pressed and is consistently the freshest and brightest variety. Take a twenty minute walk down a steep windy path to a taxi to the city square, a one half hour ferry ride trip to Naples Harbor, a two hour bus ride to Rome, a one and half hour check in and a two and half hour flight to London’s Heathrow Airport, a two hour layover and an eleven hour flight to California to check in through U.S. customs and finally combined with the other essential oils in a season’s blend and infused into the wax, hand packaged and delivered especially for you.

The reason I tell the details of this travel story is because these ingredients are not imagined in a test tube in a factory using synthetics to make it smell “more like an orange or make it smell more pine fresh.” It is the 100% pure essential concentrated oil from the plant, tree, flower, herb or fruit grown by Mother Nature and are imported from far away destinations and infused into my handcrafted candle and then sent to you to complement your home.


Simpure uses attractive eco-conscious packaging ensuring that there will be no unnecessary waste. Clean, simple, and fully recyclable packaging maintains my responsibility to the environment.

Candle Crafting

Atelier Candle-making:

What is candle making all about? Well, I’m tempted to answer: “farming, a bit of luck, great pure essential oils and creating extraordinary environments.” I use the term candle crafting vs. candle making to make a point. Unlike painting, sculpture, or music, you don’t need any special gene to be successful in candle crafting, with the possible exception that it helps to have a solid sense of smell. Instead, candles, like any craft, simply demand good sourcing, dedication, practice, and learning the trade from the ground up as an apprentice under a suitable mentor. To begin with, I think candle crafting is about selecting the proper land on which you’re going to grow your fruit, herb, or flowers. It’s about farming with rapt attention and care, yet with the flexibility to respond to Mother Nature’s mood that year. However the crop is treated will show up in the final distilled essential oil. It’s about hovering over the land, yet interceding only when necessary. The crafting is done by hand, using traditional tools that defy modernization and mechanization. Anyone who has ever grown anything in the earth knows that patience is paramount and no amount of rushing is going to do a crop any good whether it’s going to market for food or to be used as an ingredient in my candle. In the end, if the farmers and the candle crafters have done their jobs well, they have both created something that is sound in its core purpose (as something to sit upon and something to truly enjoy), but something esthetically pleasing to the soul as well.

Moreover, I believe candles, in all their chemistry and complexity, tell a story of all that has gone into its creation. The candle crafter’s job—my job—is to take all those complex individual stories of the land, the farmer, the distiller and the candle maker himself, and select and link them to form the greater epic that becomes a Simpure candle. Finding an authentic farmer, a soulful piece of dirt, a beautiful piece of land yields an amazing product—when crafted properly by the farmers and distiller—that is equally authentic, soulful, colorful, and beautiful. Simpure is a candle of place, craft, and story.

candles with flower oils

The Land

Beautiful land produces beautiful essential oils. This may seem merely poetic, but consider the science behind such a statement. Land with rock or red soil are obviously more visually stunning than just plain brown dirt; it turns out that rocky land or volcanic soils can produce more complex root structures and thus much more complex results in how the essential oil smells. It’s nice to have land with a view; however land that has slight elevation gives a farmer’s land better drainage and thus an earlier bud break and a longer, more prosperous growing season.

Although I only craft one candle, it is a blend of anywhere from one to sometimes fifteen essential oils from five different continents. I don’t own the land — or the farms where the growing is done. I think it is better to leave the job to the growers who love that job the best.

Most commercial farms are not open to the public. However I have yet to meet a small farmer who, if you show respect and interest for what they do, aren’t more than willing to show you their land and their distillation process and share their passion and connection with the land. Make an introduction and make yourself a new friend.

candles with essential oils

Essential Oil Distillation

An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as the “oil” of the plant from which they were extracted. An oil is "essential" in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent, or essence, of the plant.

Steam Distillation:

The most common of methods is to extract the essential oil, the plant material is placed into a still (very similar to a pressure cooker) where pressurized steam passes through the plant material. The heat from the steam causes globules of oil in the plant to burst and the oil then evaporates. The essential oil vapor and the steam then pass out the top of the still into a water-cooled pipe where the vapors are condensed back to liquids. At this point, the essential oil separates from the water and floats to the top.

Note: It takes more than 8 million Jasmine flowers to produce just 2 pounds of jasmine oil. This is why pure essential oils are precious and expensive.

Cold Pressing:

Cold pressing is used to extract the essential oils from citrus rinds such as orange, lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. The rinds are separated from the fruit, ground or chopped and are then pressed. The result is a watery mixture of essential oil and liquid which will separate given time.

Note: It is important to note that oils extracted using this method have a relatively short shelf life, so make sure when buying oil you only purchase what you will be using within the next three months.

Mark Nichols Simpure

Avec Mark

A candle-maker at large:

I was raised in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, which is a small coastal town 40 minutes north of San Diego. I tried to get rid of my mid-life crisis early and moved to Australia, followed by Europe. Some thirty countries later I was starting to realize that I really preferred the artisanal way of doing things. I really loved simple over fancy and craved the “less is more” approach. This would be a reoccurring theme in my life – I like simple design, clean lines, and less clutter. Simple yet purposeful concepts: simple food, simple yet well-made design could encompass items like a delicious meal, a walk, or talking with an old friend and probably has something to do with stopping and savoring the moment.

After traveling I came back and followed a childhood passion for music. After landing a job at a prominent LA recording studio, I started realizing that the music business was not quite what I was looking for. I began to bring my homemade candles into the recording studio as a creative outlet and had the good fortune of working with many of the industry’s top recording artists. I started Simpure in 1996 and turned my music contacts into candle customers and have been pleased to call The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Sting and many others my customers.

Today I like being active in various charities, playing soccer, photography, going to the beach, being in the ocean, traveling and sampling the local cuisine of faraway destinations.

I’ve been in business since 1996. Here are some major milestones along the way.

1995   One of the first people to start working with alternate forms of non-petroleum waxes for candles
1996   Simpure is founded
1997   Jewel (musician) orders Simpure candles to sell on her world tour
1998   Simpure becomes signature scent at Golden Door Spa
Voted #1 Spa in USA by Zagat Survey
Candles sold at Nordstrom stores
2001   Sting, Madonna, and Paul McCartney become customers
2005   Mindy Weiss, Beverly Hills wedding planner uses Simpure for several celebrity weddings
2006   Simpure celebrates 10 Year Anniversary
2007   Custom Dermalogica candle created and exported to 18 countries
2010 new website
2013   Candles being shipped as far as Australia
2014   New Simpure site

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